Extreme Sports Spots in the UK

Extreme Sports Spots in the UK

If you've taken a look at the Extreme Sports Map page on this website, you'll know that it is an extremely useful resource for those looking to locate extreme sports spots that are in close proximity to their current location. It doesn't give any indication to the relatively quality or reputation of these spots though, at least not in any comprehensive way. For this reason, this page is dedicated to listing some great spots in the UK for a selection of the extreme sports that people like to participate in.

Surfing Spots

LLangennith - Gower, Wales

This incredible surfing spot is known through the local Swansea area as well as nationwide as being one of the greatest surfing spots in the UK. It is particularly brilliant for beginners and stretches for around three miles. You'll find it extremely busy when there's good swell on a summer's day, but if you are willing to travel a little you can find quieter spots.

Visit the Llangenith website for more information about the local area and the beaches.

Freshwater West - Pembrokeshire

You'll find that the size of the waves and the number of peaks along this beach are perfect, though only for the most experienced of surfers. You'll need to be experience in order to handle the terrifying reef break located here, as well as being mindful of the army firing range to the south of the beach - venturing here could lead to prosecution!

The Freshwater west section of the Visit Pembrokeshire website has more details on this magnificent location

Diving Spots

Porthkerris, Cornwal

This is a perfect spot for beginner divers looking to initiate themselves with the feel of being underwater in a real-life diving situation. This location isn't averse to intermediate/experience divers either however. It has some shallow reefs and is sheltered from westerly winds. You'll find plenty of invertebrates in the water here as well as a bit of tidal force.

Weymouth, Dorset

There is plenty of clear water and an abundance of marine life to experience here. This location is more suited for divers of higher expertise level, though beginners can find locations to suit their level of comfort with the water as well. There are several wrecks to explore here as well, including U-boats and various other vessels.

Skating Spots

Street Skateboarder

Bay Sixty6, London

This impressive skate park has all you could ever want as a skater: ramps, half-pipes, grind boxes, and much more. It's located under the Westway and is easy to reach from anywhere in London. See the Bay Sixty6 Facebook page for more information.

Rock Climbing

The Lake District

Though this area is famous for its beautiful scenery and the wonderful walks one can enjoy around it, it also has a huge number of rock climbing locations, making it one of the most popular rock climbing destinations in Britain. It is easy to locate, has a huge range of different rock faces to cater for all levels of expertise, and a number of sheltered climbing walls if you don't wish to climb on the wetter days.


Forget being renowned in the local area; Snowdonia is recognized around the world for its climbing potential. It has two main valleys where you will find pretty much every climbing scenario you could possibly wish for: cliffs, mountains, crags, and many more challenges for climbers of all abilities. It doesn't matter if you're after short, sporting climbs or a gentle, all-day experience, you'll definitely find it at Snowdonia. Plas Y Brenin also offers various courses for people to try out in order to get the feel for climbing if you are uninitiated.